Amid Controversy, Popular Chinese Film ‘Tiny Times’ comes to North America

The very popular film ‘Tiny Times’ from Jingming Guo now has a North American release date. China Lion has confirmed that it will open the film in several locations here and abroad including Monterey Park, California, as well as in Vancouver and Toronto.
Now somebody wakeup the best marketing team on the planet, because we need to know if Americans will watch a film starring very attractive Asian schoolgirls (said no one ever). That aside the film should do very well, despite it’s message possibly being lost on our culture. The project drew attention when it released in Mainland China because of first time director’s, Jingming Guo, decision to include some very capitalistic ideals in the film. It grossed $80 million so far, so obviously there’s a niche for this content to say the least.
There is an obvious drive for materialistic goods inside the characters, something that is frowned upon in China’s art and entertainment industry. Worst of all, these young schoolgirl protagonists admittedly find satisfaction in these high-priced goods and strapping young men.
The driving goal of the director might be lost when it comes Stateside, since we are so accustomed to these beliefs but it does strike a win for the director, who was bold enough to make the film, anger most of the local authorities and state-owned press, then take it to the largest country that taunts these beliefs that they despise…the United States.
You can catch the film if you an get to Los Angeles County on July 26th, the AMC Atlantic Times Square 14 in Monterey Park, or the Cineplex SilverCity Riverport in Vancounver. It will also show at the Cineplex Odeon Younge & Dundas in Toronto. ‘Tiny Times’ stars Kai Ko, Amber Guo and Rhydian Vaughn.

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