Gawker Publishes audio tape of Kanye West bashing Taylor Swift and Pink

Gawker has a unique talent of getting their hands on private, or assumed lost audio and video footage (just ask Hulk Hogan) but this time the audio tape is a little older, and a little meaner.
Kanye-West-InsertAccording to the website, the audio-clip is from a recording of Kanye West, tapped just after his world-famous interruption of T-Swift at the 2009 VMAs. In the recording you can hear West complaining,both about Pink’s special-airtime during the show and of how he was robbed of the chance to sing his own popular track.
The section of Kanye West’s outbursts about Taylor Swift are far angrier, far more bitter, and for worse than what he did on stage. In the video West is heard clearly saying, “Taylor Swift cannot beat Beyonce as long as [I’m] alive. … My mother died for this fame shit! I’m gon’ do this until y’all put a bullet in my head.”
Then West started on Pink’s songs, which he says “nobody knows,” and was mad that he didn’t perform his single, “Heartless,” which West states was “the biggest song of the year” and “had the most spins of the first quarter.” The new 2013 VMAs are scheduled for August 25, 2013 where we expect Kanye to argue about Beyonce and the Kate Middleton’s baby stealing the limelight from his own child, which we are assuming should win ‘best baby of the year’.
more info: gawker

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