Simpsons and Family Guy crossover episode announced for fall 2014

It seems that Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin will finally meet face to face, FOX has confirmed that there will be a Simpsons & Griffin crossover episode that will take place this fall 2014.
The episode is called “The Simpsons Guy,” and the story will center on the Griffin family road trip, that will have them stop in Springfield, the legendary home of the Simpsons. The whole family (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie) will appear in the episode as well.
The special event will hit televisions in the fall of 2014, Entertainment Weekly was the first to report the story, and states that Homer and Peter will argue about many things, mostly a heated discussion between Duff beer and Pawtucket Ale. The shows have crossed paths in the past, with the two main actors appearing on each other’s shows but this will be the first true crossover episode.
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