The team behind ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ promised to unveil something special today to the legions of fans that waited in the crowded, hot hallways of San Diego’s Comic Con convention, and they delivered.
During the scheduled panel this year, Warner Bros. announced a new character for the game, COPPERHEAD. The developers and talent also talked about the story of the game, confirming what was detailed earlier. That this installment will deliver an “expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline occurring several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City,” that according to Warner Bros. who announced the game earlier this year. Players will take control of a “young, raw, unrefined Batman,” who is on his way to becoming the Dark Knight. The panel also stated that ‘Arkham Origins Blackgate’ takes place after ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’. Need another tease? The panel had this response when asked about Robin, “There’s no Robin at this point in the timeline. This is year 2 of his career. As for Batgirl, you’re gonna have to see the game.”
Soon after that announcement Roger Craig Smith stated, “I’m Batman”. Mark Pacini, the director, said, “Batman really has to raise his game with all these assassins after him. It’s very dangerous and emotionally crushing for Batman.” He later added, “We get to take all these villains back and see how their first encounters with Batman really change them.” One of the more interesting points to look for will be Batman’s relationship with Alfred, “The relationship between Batman and Alfred is also different,” Pacini stated but didn’t elaborate. Roger Craig Smith teased, “I had so much fun working on the scenes with Alfred, but we haven’t revealed the actor for Alfred yet.”
A video will be released later showing Copperhead and the new skins announced (Sony exclusive skins: Classic TV Series and Knightfall Batman, the Play the game as Deathstroke if you pre-order Batman: Arkham Origins skin, Batman One Million Skin, Worst Nightmare Batman Skin! (Unlocked after you do all in the game for the hardcore masters)
The game is being developed for the PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and the Wii U, with side-versions for handhelds on October 25, 2013. To celebrate Comic Con Amazon is offering the free Deathstroke playable character for pre-orders and adding a $10 credit for a limited time. You can check out all of those details on Amazon’s official product page below.
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