Legendary Pictures brings Godzilla to Comic Con, your sneak peek at the beast

As the press settles in for a blitz of pop-culture, films and media-content, Comic Con 2013 is only just starting. One of the stars of this year’s event is ‘Godzilla’, a new film from Legendary Pictures that hopes to breathe life into this on-again, off-again franchise.
Godzilla 2014 InsertOne of the main obstacles with Godzilla is how popular the ancient beast is in our culture. Godzilla is almost instantly recognizable in any form that Hollywood has thrown at us, but it’s B-Movie appeal is also it’s biggest weakness. Gareth Edwards is the director of the new installment and he, and his team are here at Comic Con to sell the film to fans.
From the first posters and models that Legendary Pictures has brought to Comic Con it seems that Edwards is keeping with the classic form of the behemoth. So far the Twitter accounts and Facebook pages of the film have been showing short glimpses of Godzilla through highly stylized posters, but this weekend we will get our first look at the film itself.
The poster does an impressive job at showing the true scale of Godzilla, which seems bigger than any previous version by a long-shot. The helicopters in the poster barely makeup one spike on the giant beast’s tail.
Pictures of ‘The Godzilla Encounter’, which will be part of the Comic Con exhibit later this week have hit the internet, showing the models that we mentioned earlier. This will have to compete with a lot of big name movies at this year’s event. Movies like Lionsgate’s massive ‘Ender’s Game’ exhibit, fit with holographic images that allow fans to try on battle-suits, to ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ both making their debut with a lineup of surprises from their casts.
We of course will be covering the entire event for you live as it happens, so stay tuned. You have a long wait for Godzilla the movie, that opens May 16, 2014. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe and David Strathairn.
photo credit: shreeonk

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