Fans of NBC’s hit series ‘Community’ should be excited for Gillian Jacobs, the actor has signed on to star opposite Kevin Costner in the upcoming drama ‘Black and White’. Jacobs joins an already impressive cast including, Jennifer Ehle, Octavia Spencer and Anthony Mackie.
Gillian Jacobs InsertThe latest film from Mike Binder focuses on a local attorney (played by Costner), who is fighting for custody of his biracial granddaughter. The girl’s current black grandmother wishes that that the child be placed with the child’s father, a drug addict that may have been responsible for the the attorney’s wife early death.
Jacobs will take the role of the girlfriend of Bill Burr, who is playing the attorny’s best-friend in the film. All of this is happening as Jacobs prepares for the fifth season of Community. The young actor is also starring in the sequel ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’.
Another hit for Jacobs is ‘Walk of Shame,’ a rom-comedy with Elizabeth Banks that will release on March 14, 2014. If you will be attending Comic-Con, stop by the Community panel on Saturday to see Jacobs.