It’s time to upgrade to a true cinematic experience in your house, Sony’s amazingly brilliant 4K movies will begin to become available via Sony’s Video Unlimited service in fall 2013.
The company made the announcement earlier today (Wednesday), the movies will first come from Sony’s own studio, Sony Pictures, with a few independent productions thrown in as well. Sony’s chief operating officer, Phil Molyneux, sat down with the press to talk about the plans for 4K television The Video Unlimited 4K will start supplying movie for download or rent as early as Fall 2013.
Molyneux stated, “We will be first in the world with a native 4K downloading service,” adding that Sony will be “populating that now with 4K feature films, primarily from Sony Pictures, but there are other short-form films from other production houses.”
For those of you new to the 4K tech, it can also be called Ultra HD. This new technology doubles the pixel count of an HD display now in both directions, this is where the four in 4K comes from, it offers a 4x increase in overall resolution.
Sony has already started making less-expensive versions of the 4K units. You can price, compare and drool over the units being offered now on sites like Amazon below.
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