The social-flirtation app Tinder is now available for Android

Tinder for Android has been released for Android phones, once only available to iPhone users on The App Store the app has made its way to Android users. This came after the company received “nearly a million requests to make Tinder available for Android users,” according to the company press-release.
“We’re excited to finally introduce ourselves to a very large segment of the population that hasn’t had the opportunity to experience Tinder yet,” says Sean Rad, Tinder CEO and co-founder.
Tinder is a new approach to meeting new people. It gives users control over who they want to connect with so that they are not constantly bombarded with messages or approached by people they don’t want to match with. Simply put, Tinder finds out who likes you near by and connects you with them if you’re interested, whether it’s for dating, friendship or networking.
“We have been experiencing an unbelievable growth trajectory in the U.S. since Tinder’s inception and have managed to reach a significant chunk of iPhone users within our target market,” says Justin Mateen, Tinder CMO and co-founder. “As we shift our focus to international growth, it only makes sense to launch Tinder for Android, which owns nearly 70% of the smart phone market overseas.”
Since its launch in September 2012, Tinder has expanded globally with users in every major country around the world and is currently responsible for 7 billion profile ratings and over 100 million matches between users worldwide.

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