Apple releases Logic Pro X, the latest creative tool for Musicians

Today Apple announced and released Logic Pro X, the latest software to aid creative musicians. There are quite a bit of new features and improvements that help the new software tool standout. On of the new features include Drummer, which is a virtual session player that also accompanies songs with different drumming styles and techniques.
There is also Flex Pitch, which will provide an integrated pitch editing ability for audio recordings should you need it. There is also Track Stacks, a new feature that will allow users to organize and collapse multiple tracks into a single track. Arpeggiator is a new MIDI plug-in that can alter keyboard chords, with a fantastic new set of tools.
Logic Pro X Cover
One of the large updates allows the new Logic Remote to work via the iPad with a new app that lets users play or control the app through the mobile device. Apple also introduced MainStage 3, which is a live performance companion app for Logic Pro X. The UI has also been completely revamped, allowing new Logic Pro X plugins, Patches and Smart Controls.
You can get all of the details, screens and requirements on Apple’s official app store below, there you can download the Logic Pro X app $199.99. MainStage 3 is available for $29.99 and Logic Remote is offered for free in the App Store.
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