Regis Philbin’s new show ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ begins in August, launches with Fox Sports 1

Never one to slow down, Regis Philbin will be hosting a new show called ‘Crowd Goes Wild,’ the show is set to premiere next month and will stick to a familiar format.
national board of review awards 3 130110The new show will be a sports talk show, the show “Crowd Goes Wild” will begin next month and will coincide with the new cable channel Fox Sports 1. Philbin (82) will work with executive producer Michael Davies, who worked with Philbin on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” said, “Every single one of us has a parent or a grandparent who struggles with social media,” Davies said. “We’re going to frankly have a lot of fun with Regis’ struggles with social media.”
The show will air Monday-through-Friday and open with a commentary, then an interview a guest (actor or athlete) and the show will also feature debates about topical sports issues. “We’re not a sports news show; we’re a sports entertainment show,” Davis explained. “The standard for us: We’re not trying to set the agenda of what America are talking about on a daily basis. We’re frankly trying to be funny a lot of the time.”
“I could talk about what I’d seen last night at Yankee Stadium or something like that, and Kathie Lee’s eyes would start to get scared,” Philbin said a press-event here in New York. “Talk about something else, a football game that was so hot this Sunday, and Kelly would just not care at all. And Gelman would say, ‘What are you talking about?'”
The show will kickoff on August 19, 2013 and will also feature two-time Super Bowl champion defensive lineman Trevor Pryce; pro tennis player Michael Kosta; Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay; and Georgie Thompson from Britain’s Sky Sports.
“You speak to a young comedian or a young athlete about Regis, their eyes light up,” Davies said. “That is something that is very unique that I don’t think a younger host could actually bring to it.”
The show is one of the first announced for the new channel.

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