Cory monteithThe British Columbia Coroners Service has released a few statement regarding the death of the FOX ‘Glee’ actor, Cory Monteith. At this time further testing will be needed before an official cause of death will be announced.
There was no clear cause of death for the Glee star Cory Monteith, now the British Columbia Coroners Service has stated thats will do further testing, in order to discover the exact cause of the 31 year-old’s death. We reported late last week that the autopsy was taking place today (Monday), but the coroners’ service now says that it will need additional time before the toxicology test results are back.
It has been confirmed that the Vancouver police have ruled out foul play, Sgt. Randy Fincham says there’s nothing to indicate Monteith’s death was due to illicit drug use. That simply means that it was not immediately apparent, not that it couldn’t have happened. Cory’s body was found Saturday in a Vancouver hotel, he had been dead for several hours before he was discovered according to reports.