Mira Sorvino InsertThe USA Network has confirmed that the Oscar winning actress, Mira Sorvino will be joining the cast of ‘Psyche’ for the eight season. Sorvino is best known for her amazing performance in Woody Allen’s film ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ a film that got her the Academy Award for best supporting actress.
Sorvino will now join the USA Network comedy ‘Psyche’ in its eighth season in a multi-episode story-arc. The actor will play the newest member of the Santa Barbara Police Department, she will be head detective Betsy Brannigan. The character has been described as nice quiet and professional, but also extremely tough. The detective is known for going after the toughest of criminals.
The character is a fan of beaded-crafts, cats and of her dual Colt .45 pistols that she keeps on her at all times. Sorvino will be introduced in the season premiere.