Reddit Insight a New Tool tracks stats, karma and details about Reddit users

Reddit is getting a lot more data friendly, a new tool called ‘Reddit Insight’ will break down the popular user-generated content site into a statistical buffet for marketers, power-users and interested parties.
With the tool you can get real-time post tracking, meaning right after you submit your post you can see a visual graph as users either flood you with Karma, or downvote you into obscurity. What might have some Reddit users a little cautious of their comments is the tool’s ability to track a single user then use the data to narrow-down a specific pattern, easily labeling you as a troll for example or a frequent resubmitter (one of the harshest crimes on Reddit). This tool also allows you to track what a user’s best performing post was, and check out their entire comment history. Though some of these features have been in-use by Reddit users for a while now, this is really the first data-analytics tool that applies so much information from Reddit from a single source.
One of the standout features is the Interaction data, which lets you see the relationship between “controversy ratio, interactions, and total karma per subreddit”. Something that could lead marketers to the “most karma friendly” subreddits available. Using the tool it’s discovered that the top 5 SubReddits “make up 40.5% of all Karma” they are (r/Funny, r/Pics, r/Advice Animals, r/Aww, r/Gaming) an interesting “nugget” of information from the tool’s website, with loads more available.
There are some features that are available that are a little less useful, like the ‘Word Cloud’ that lets you generate your own word cloud for a visual comparison of the words that you use most often.
more info: redditinsight

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