Capcom reveals Ultra Street Fighter 4, set to release in 2014

It was during EVO 2013 that Capcom announced a new installment in their popular ‘Street Fighter’ franchise, this one called ‘Ultra Street Fighter 4’. Along with the announcement came a new trailer that shows off a few of the characters that will be added to the roster.
The new version will add five new characters to the game, there will be Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison (the fifth character will be announced at a later date). New characters weren’t the only thing announced, there will also be new game-modes for players to enjoy including, new stages, upgraded features and general improvements will also be added to the game.
Ultra Street Fighter 4 will release in early 2014 for theXbox 360 and PS3 as a DLC update for either Super Street Fighter 4 or SSF4: Arcade Edition, it will also sell as a standalone retail game. The DLC will cost $15,.

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