Justin Li and Bruno Wu to develop new TV project, based on works written by Bruce Lee

A new partnership between Chinese media-giant Bruno Wu and director Justin Lin is set to bring a new television project to life focusing on Bruce Lee. The new partnership, called ‘Perfect Storm Entertainment,’ will be produced through the newly created TV division.
Bruce-Lee-InsertPerfect Storm Entertainment has partnered with Bruce Lee Enterprises for the new project, the drama will be an expansion of original material written by the iconic Bruce Lee himself, before his untimely death in 1973. The project is still in very early development stages as of right now but it is being organized as an hour-long drama. If all goes according to plan, Lin may direct the pilot himself.
It was last March that Bruno Wu’s ‘Seven Stars Film Studios’ joined with Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment, they only recently announced their TV division last April. That division is headed by FX’s former original programming senior vice president Danielle Woodrow, which would assist the project into coming stateside should everything work out.

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