If you had a busy Friday then you might want to take a few minutes and enjoy the best bear safety video that you will probably see in your lifetime. The reporter demonstrates how to safely defend yourself from beasts in the woods.
It’s actually a serious concern for people that live near the woods, and the tips are actual good advice, but it’s also extremely hilarious. The tips come after the news reported about a local man who faced a bear and lived. It’s at this time that Julie Tremmel, bless her heart, did a segment for a local NBC affiliate WJAR. The next few minutes are solid gold, with how to safely get away, or defend yourself against bear attacks.
As I said, these are actually good tips, and remember that she can’t see herself on camera. If anyone is to blame, it’s the cameraman for not turning off the camera and saying, “Julie, we shouldn’t do this”. We are glad he didn’t though.