Pre-order the Xbox One at GameStop, before they are gone again

Last week the world learned that GameStop had stopped taking pre-orders for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Now the retailer has re-opened pre-orders going into the weekend but odds are that won’t last long.
PS4s and Xbox One have been periodically disappearing from online stores and retail locations. Just as another site reopens the pre-order forms, another seems to close them. The day-one Xbox One console is easily one of the hottest items on the consumer market, and we aren’t even in the holiday season yet. Now it seems that GameStop still has day one consoles left and has reopened Xbox One pre-orders on its website.
If you are new to the “The Day One Edition” it comes with a special controller and an exclusive Achievement. You will also get access to an exclusive character (Shadow Jago) in Killer Instinct: Round One. You can of course spend a little bit more on an Xbox One console bundles, they come in a bunch of varieties (Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, and Forza Motorsport 5) to name a few.
more info: gamestop

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