Anne-Heche-InsertThis fall Michael J. Fox will make his triumphant return to television, joining him in that return will be actor Anne Heche.
Although Fox will return as a regular, actually the lead, Heche will only be added on as guest-star. The series itself, “The Michael J. Fox Show,” will premiere on NBC later this fall. The show stars Fox as Mike Henry, a man who at first decides to take time away from work to spend more time with his family after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (the same disease Fox suffers, and the point of why he is returning). The show picks up five years after the diagnosis, now that the kids are older Mike has more empty time and decides to go back to work. Wendell Pierce, Betsy Brandt and Conor Romero join fox in the series.
NBC will premiere “The Michael J. Fox Show” on Thursday, Sept. 26.