The latest trailer has been released for the upcoming fantasy-flick ‘Seventh Son’ starring Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes and Julianne Moore.
The movie has Bridges playing the role of John Gregory, one who fights the dark forces of the world. He begins to train Tom Ward (Ben Barnes “Chronicles of Narnia”) so that he too can fight the dark monsters and evil magic that threatens humanity.
All of this leads up to a fight with a fearsome witch called Mother Malkin, (Julianne Moore), who was once imprisoned but has since escaped and is ready to exact her justice on Ward and Gregory.
The film is based on a series of books called “The Wardstone Chronicles,” you have more than enough time to read the books before the film comes out on January 17, 2014, The largest difference between the book and the movie? Ward should be 14, not an adult.
more info: First book in the series (Spook’s Apprentice)