Another season of Arrested Development is possibly on its way

Fans waited a long time in between the third and fourth season of Arrested Development, but they might not have to wait too much longer for the fifth.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, said Netflix was “willing” to distribute more seasons of Arrested Development, but it seemed unlikely since the actors are so hard to wrangle up for production. It was the Imagine Entertainment’s co-chairman Brian Grazer however that gave hope to a fifth season saying that Netflix is “interested” in a fifth season. Grazer said interview with Bloomberg Television, “We are in conversations with them to do another [season],” adding “They are interested in doing that.”
For the record there are no confirmations that negotiations have even begin on a fifth season, it wouldn’t be unusual for the ‘one-time’ original deal to extend into further specials or seasons.
Netflix still hasn’t released the official information on just how many people watched the fourth season, though it must have been enough to make them interested in doing more.

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