Ben Schwartz coming back to Parks and Recreation, Kristen Bell joins cast

The next season of ‘Parks and Recreation’ looks like it may be one of the best yet, it has been confirmed that Ben Schwartz is coming back and NBC will be adding Kristen Bell to the cast. ,
Kristen-Bell-InsertParks and Recreation is the only comedy that survived the NBC axe last year, and it is shaping up to be the standout special on the network. Both Ben Schwartz and Kristen Bell will be guest stars on the series, though it’s unclear how many episodes they will be in. Bell of course if filming her Kickstarter-supported film ‘Veronica Mars’.
Bell’s character is an uptight councilwoman from Eagleton, the Pawnee rival town and the nemesis of Leslie. Eagleton and a rival to Leslie. Schwartz fans can rest assured that he will return as the beloved Jean-Ralphio, best-friend to Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford.
Parks and Rec is set to premiere this September on NBC with a full one-hour episode to kick things off.

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