Sony’s senior R&D leader confirms PS4 digital titles will be playable anywhere, anytime

If Sony fans needed another reason to love the PS4 Sony senior research & development leader, Neil Brown, has a very big reason to be happy about the PS4.
PS4-Hardware-InsertSince used games, sharing games at friend’s houses and general use of any digital game is such a hot topic with next-generation consoles, Brown confirmed that any digital-title bought from the PSN store can be downloaded and played on any console a user logs into.
Brown made the statement at the Develop conference in Brighton, England. At the conference Brown stated, “You can visit your friend’s house, you can log into your account, and play any game from your digital library.” As reported by OPM earlier today.
What makes the function even better is that unlike the PS3 (with the exception of ‘The Last of Us’) gamers had to wait until the game was fully downloaded to play. Now with the PS4 ‘play as you download’ feature, gamers can stop by a friends house, log into their PS4’s-PSN account and be playing their favorite new game in just minutes. Brown confirmed the great new innovation from Sony stating, “This means that after the first few minutes, your game can rely on having faster read speeds from the hard drive,” adding that it was a “better experience for players and is a completely background process for the player. They don’t have to wait for anything to install before playing the game. The game will launch as soon as the disk has been put in the drive.”
Sony’s PS4 has been pleasing fans since it was first unveiled earlier this year, and the no-DRM policy and increasingly open digital-structure of the PS4 seems to get better by the day. We reported earlier this week that GameStop has stopped taking pre-orders for the stand-alone console, though a simple check on Amazon below shows that excited players can still reserve their pre-order with ease.
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