It takes a lot to be banned in Los Angeles, but the billboard for “Project Runway’s” 12th season has been deemed too racy for public view.
Project-Runway-BannedThe image of the billboard is shown on the right, Lifetime has been confirming the removal of the billboard all afternoon. The 12th season promo was designed for billboards all around the downtown L.A. area. The image has nude models at the feet of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. The official reason for the banning, nudity.
The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, which controls these matters, declared that any signs containing “obscene matters” can be removed, and are prohibited by the city. The billboard may cause some raised eyebrows in certain parts of the United States, but in L.A. these kinds of ads are hardly rare. It seems odd that such a high-profile show was targeted directly. The series, itself will returns to Lifetime on July 18.