We haven’t heard too much about the next Amy Adam’s project “Object of Beauty,” the film is based on the Steve Martin novel of the same name. Now the project has moved one step closer to development, with the addition of Ned Benson.
Amy-Adams-InsertThe rights to the film were acquired by Maven Pictures, and other than Amy Adams set to produce and star in the film, nothing else has been confirmed. Maven Pictures has now signed Ned Benson to the project, he will write the film-adaptation of the popular book. The project is led by a trio (Adams, Trudie Styler and Celine Ratray from Maven Pictures) who launched the project in 2012.
The story is of Lacey Yeager, a young NYC artist working with Sotheby’s who achieves the upper-elite of the NYC art-world. Though her rise was not without pitfalls, moments of despair and the usual problems that arose with art-culture and the turbulent’90s,leading up to modern day.
more info: An Object of Beauty: A Novel