Pong.com is a social community to find the best flash games on the web

If you felt that you weren’t getting enough work done before you found Pong.com, then your workload is about to start building up. The new Pintrest-Style website allows visitors to find, share and discover some of the best flash-based games that are available on the internet.
PONG-insertIt’s truly a wonderful idea and the website is filled with perfect gems for killing off an hour or two. The website should seem familiar to anyone that has seen Pintrest before, and the clean layout and simple UI is the perfect solution to finding safe, enjoyable flash-games on the internet.
Developers or publishers (or both) can use the website to highlight their new games, it’s a completely open platform and easy to get started. The website is even letting game developers add their own video ads and will allow these developers to keep 100% of the revenue earned from it. If you don’t have enough ads to fill all available slots or impressions, Pong.com will then step in with its own ads (still the best deal on the net).
The co-founder of the site, Darius Gandhi, told TNW that soon Pong.com will have its own ad-network to streamline the process. Right now the service works as a message board almost, with the games being hosted on the publishers’ sites but in time we hope that changes, and the games can be a little safer and controlled by Pong.com itself.
You can pong flash-games that you enjoy so others can find them, or follow the right people that seem to know exactly where to look for the games.
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