Sweetwater trailer has January Jones getting vengeance with guns

‘Sweetwater’ is the tale of a woman scorned, that’s pretty much the entire film. The project does have an interesting cast, with “Mad Men” actress January Jones takin the lead role of a recently widowed woman in 1886 New Mexico county.
The story picks up right after Sarah Ramírez (January Jones) and husband prove they are the happiest people in all of New Mexico, then he is killed by a fellow sheep rancher. It’s at this time that Sarah Ramirez burns all of her clothes, mounts a horse and finds more purple dye for a dress than was available to all the native American tribes that were currently just off screen.
Soon Ramirez teams up with local sheriff (Ed Harris), who instead of arresting her, helps her on her quest of vengeance. There is no release date for “Sweetwater” and it seems no can even give it a name, you can find it under ‘Sweetwater’ and ‘Sweet Vengeance’.

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