Your head may explode from the shear amazing-shape that Chris Pratt is in now for his upcoming role in the film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.
Chris-Pratt-Ripped-InsertFrom six-packs to six-pack, that’s really the only way to describe Pratt’s amazing shape. Pratt posted a picture of the ‘new him’ on Twitter over the weekend. “Six months no beer,” he said on Twitter adding, “My brother made me post this.” For a man that’s been a little on the heavier side of the TV spectrum, he should get all the good attention he can muster for his hard work. He took the selfie to show off his body, which looks like Chris Pratt just morphed his face onto an action-figure. The sci-fi movie, Guardians of the Galaxy is expected out next year and Pratt’s part has not been disclosed yet.
Rob Lowe lovingly Tweeted back, “You CANNOT return to Pawnee like that!” We think Lowe is just used to being the most well-built on set, something he may have to get over. Chris Pratt is 33 and just became a new dad, he is currently married to Anna Faris, but was also built in his role as a Navy Seal in Zero Dark Thirty.