Twitter has just announced a very large update, the new features that the update will bring include the platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck.
Twitter-Update-7-8According to Senior Software Engineer Josh Barnes-Hoyt, “You’ll now be able to sync direct messages (DM) across all your devices and Twitter accounts”. He also added that, “syncing will roll out gradually: you’ll need to get the latest version of each app to ensure it works on all of your devices”.
There will also be improvements to (Android, iPhone, iPad and search results. “Now when you search for people on Twitter, you may see an expanded user result that shows a full bio” according to Josh. The design of the preview was to, “makes it easier and faster to find and learn more about the accounts you’re looking for”. When the feature launches you can swipe the preview to the left, and find similar accounts.
On the iPhone users can reply to Tweets with the built-in Tweet composer that appears when you tap to see details. “It’s also easier to find accounts to follow with a new people button on the navigation bar, making the iPhone experience consistent with our Android app.” states Josh.
The Connect tab on the Mac client now includes interactions, “so you can see favorites and retweets, along with @mentions –– similar to what you see already on the web and other mobile apps”.
Lastly Josh added, “You can also update your preferences to view @mentions only and manage your notification settings for all interactions”. The client update will also add the languages Danish, Filipino, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai.
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