Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, becomes the first British Royal on Twitter

A small milestone was achieved today from the British Royal Family, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has become the first member of the Royal Family to join Twitter with a personal account.
Prince-Andrew-InsertHe’s already doing much better on the service than the @DukeofEarl and the @DukeofHazrd, who have a combined following of 8 and are most likely bot accounts. Prince Andrew marks the first official member of the British Royal Family to have joined, under the name @TheDukeOfYork with the initials: AY. Andrew is the second son of Queen Elizabeth and father of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and is fourth in line to the throne.
Members of the Royal Family have Twitter accounts but they are not personal accounts (the Royal Family has always loved that ‘We’ over ‘I’ mentality) but the BBC is reporting that any Tweets that aren’t his directly, will be identifiable by the absence of his initials AY. Those are from his staff. The 53 year-old Duke can now Tweet with his former wife, Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, who has had her own personal account @SarahTheDuchess for sometime now.
Almost an hour after his signing-on he racked up 5,000 followers, leading us to believe that the Royal Family is once again a hot topic in our culture, leading up to the birth of the future King. In his first Tweet he stated, “Welcome to my Twitter account – AY.” He’s keeping it traditional.

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