Everyone could use a new game to kill sometime before meetings, commuting, waiting in lines, or while in a meeting. Luckily ‘Infinity Blade II’ is now free on the iOS store.
The drastic price-cut from $6.99 to FREE is quite shocking, and if it was some sort of glitch, you should grab it while you can we say. The game comes from Chair Entertainment and Epic, and was highly praised when it was released. The game still holds a 5 star ranking out of 24309 Ratings on the App Store.
It’s not the best game ever to hit the iOS store now that some time has passed and games like ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ have taken over the mobile universe but it’s FREE, you don’t look a gift horse in the App store.
You can check out the official listing for the game and pick it up for yourself by visiting the Apple App Store below.
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