Facebook Open Graph Search available starting on Monday

Back in January, Mark Zukerberg announced the new social-search tool ‘Facebook Open Graph Search,’ to help users find content based on Facebook connections and social-media data. Since then we haven’t heard too much about the service, but that will all change starting Monday, July 7th.
Both the NYT and ABC News confirmed that the social-tool will be available to U.S. users starting Monday. The new social search will allow users to find information compiled by the usual search algorithms, but will also filter, extract and pull data through your social-connections on Facebook.
Social Open Graph works with Bing, the two companies have teamed-up in the past to take on the all-powerful Google search engine. The system has a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out, but you may be surprised to know that it does respect common privacy settings. So if you have private groups or “likes” or “interests” that you may not want to be socially searchable, they won’t be. Common searches like ‘people who like Dexter in New York’ work the best, something specific and something that wouldn’t be hidden by users.
There are a few hundred million users on Facebook in North America alone, so the service will rollout slowly over the next few weeks. You should see it start popping up on your feeds and other headlines in the meantime.

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