See Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor in the BBC’s first trailer ‘Taylor and Burton’

Helena Bonham Carter is a perfect looking Elizabeth Taylor in the promotional shots that have been released for the project. While Dominic West as Richard Burton seems to complete the cast perfectly for the made for TV-film ‘Burton and Taylor’.
After teasing the first images of Carter and West as the famous Hollywood power-couple, BBC America has now released the first trailer for the film. The television event will cover both the very public life of the two famous Hollywood socialites, as well as staging the story behind the 1983 revival of the play “Private Lives”. As many of you know, the play made headlines bringing the two back together after their divorce, their second divorce.
The show is sure to do better than the Lifetime version of ‘Liz & Dick’ which had Lohan and Grant Bowler as the stars. It did manage to pull-in 3.5 million viewers with the debut, but was mocked by critics and fans. Fans can watch Burton and Taylor when it premieres this fall on BBC America.

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