Reports are flooding in as a Boeing 777, owned and operated by Asiana Airlines, has crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). It was just moments after the crash that Twitter and Facebook began flooding with news and pictures from both airport and the runway. One of the survivors of the plane, Samsung executive David Eun, said the crash was “surreal” though “most everyone seems fine,” he said on his Twitter account. There are several pictures of the 777 which not only show the vertical stabilizer missing, but large billows of smoke and the emergency slides deployed from the aircraft.
The cause is still under investigation, and it won’t be released until a few hours, if not days or weeks. The last 777 that crashed (it was the only other reported major incident from the series of planes) was British Airways at London Heathrow, that was the result of a clogged fuel filter. That filter is no longer in use and has been replaced by a newer design.
More information will be released as official statements are made, as of now everyone seems fine and the crash is under investigation.