A BBC Middle East correspondent was hit with shotgun-pellets earlier today (Friday) while on location in Cairo. The reporter, Jeremy Bowen, was hit with the pellets which caused bleeding and immediate swelling, though he continued to report on scene to make deadline.
Bowen-Shot-in-CarioJeremy Bowen was covering the local unrest that has been plaguing the culture there, while reporting on the protests and demonstrations following President Mohammed Morsi forced removal, things took a turn for the worst.
Bowen is 53, during the protest Egyptian troops “opened fire” on protestors and the reporter was hit in the head by shotgun pellets, the following was reported by Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Kouddous, “BBC reporter @BowenBBC hit in the head with birdshot.” The following picture was attached.
Though wounded, Bowen then livetweeted from the scene to make the BBC’s 10 p.m. newscast. He appears to have made his deadline. Bowen Tweeted, “Thanks for the messages. I’ve been hit by a couple of shotgun pellets. Am fine and heading out”
This follows the June 28th raping of a Dutch journalist in Tahrir Square and last Saturday, when Salah al-Din Hassan was killed after a bomb was thrown into a protest that he was covering. Two other journalists were also injured, same as Bowen, last Sunday.