Digital Games offer huge discounts on Amazon, Bioshock series 33% off

Digital Downloads usually offer some terrific deals for games, and when bundled with other titles the savings can really stack-up quickly. Amazon is currently closing out their July 4th celebrations this weekend with some great deals on the Bioshock series (including Bioshock: Infinite) as well as Scribblenauts Unlimited.
The BioShock Triple Pack includes (BioShock + BioShock 2 + BioShock Infinite) all for only $39.99, a savings of 33% for the whole lot. Another publisher bundle that is being offered is the Firaxis Complete Pack, which includes copies of (Civilization V Gold + Civilization IV Complete + XCOM: Enemy Unknown) for only $19.99. If action games are more your style, you can catch up on both Batman Arkham titles (Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY + Batman Arkham City GOTY) for just $11.49, while the Arena of Heroes pack is offering $35 worth of in-game content for $4.99. Batman titles also make an appearance in the WB Combat Bundle ($9.99) which is a copy of Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY + Lord of the Rings: War in the North + Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection.
Scribblenauts Unlimited is one of the best games out there that was also appropriate for the younger crowds, that game can be yours for just $7.49. The Crazy Action Pack ($9.99) includes Borderlands GOTY + Duke Nukem Forever + The Darkness II. The Amazing Spider-Man Bundle ($29.99) will net you The Amazing Spider-Man + DLC Bundle + Lizard Rampage Pack + Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack + Rhino Challenge + Stan Lee Adventure Pack for Windows.
There are even more deals on FTP extra content and other titles, pre-orders and more. You can check out the official listing for these deals on the tucked-away product page on Amazon below.
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