If you would like to sign-up for the next Microsoft Xbox 360 Public Beta, you can do so starting today. Microsoft made the sign-up process available to everyone on earlier this morning (Friday) here are the details.
The new Xbox 360 Public Beta will include the future updates to the Xbox 360 system. The most useful of these updates should be the reduced boot-time for the console itself. Outside of system optimization and performance improvements, Microsoft is keeping quiet on the exact details of the beta. The switch from Microsoft Points to actual local-currency is also expected within the next update, as we get closer and closer to the launch of the Xbox One.
It was Microsoft spokesman Major Nelson that broke the news stating, “Unlike our previous beta programs, sign up is now accessed directly through your Xbox 360 console to streamline the experience,” adding “Space is limited, so once the spots are filled the beta will be closed to the public.”
To sign up, look for the Xbox Beta Program on the home hub of the Xbox dashboard. There will be a non-disclosure agreement to sign and more details on the beta will be released as it moves further along in development.
more info: majornelson