Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ‘The Divine Task’ trailer for Japan Expo, Fang and Hope spotted

You can expect a lot of Square Enix news today as the company is releasing new information and new gameplay videos for a few of their upcoming games at the Japan Expo this week.
One of the videos that was released so far was for the upcoming installment in the FF 13 storyline ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’. The new ‘Devine Task Trailer’ focuses more on the story, action and the other characters that players can expect to meet in the game. That title is expected to launch in 2014.
A new Hope will make it to the game, the character not the actual feeling. There is also a new location called The Ark “the place from which Hope guides Lightning, but where time has stopped” according to Square Enix. Fang is spotted in the Dead Dunes, with a bandit group, to add some mystery to the game.
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set for launch on 11th February 2014.

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