It seems music-videos are getting back to their roots, in that sense I mean they are all trying to outdo each other by pressing social-boundaries with NSFW content. The current leader in this game was Robin Thicke’s NSFW video for “Blurred Lines”, which overtook Miley Cyrus’ safe-but-strange video for ‘We Can’t Stop’ from the headlines.
Now you have Justin Timberlake’s music video for “Tunnel Vision”, which seems to be the new headline grabber of the week. Yes both have topless women (Tunnel Vision and Blurred Lines) but in a music-video that isn’t exactly stretching any boundaries. The song “Tunnel Vision” is from The 20/20 Experience, which was released by Timberlake last March.
Timberlake is one of the king’s of social-media when it comes to releasing albums, he does is in fact an investor in Stipple (which he used to promote the album) and has an ownership stake in Myspace (which he also used to promote the album.)
All of this leads up to the “Legends of the Summer” tour with Jay-Z which is expected to begin later this month, while he will also headline Apple’s iTunes Festival on September 29, 2013.
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