With a new engagement and a baby on the way, Jennifer Love Hewitt says goodbye to Twitter

Following the lead of Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt has said goodbye to Twitter. The newly engaged, and pregnant actress, is just the latest Hollywood Star to leave the social-media service because of the constant “negativity” that she is subjected to everyday.
Jennifer-Love-hewitt-InsertShe will leave behind over 600,000 followers and she often used the service just to stay in touch with fans and share tidbits about her day. Today (Wednesday) was her last day however, Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she will be leaving.
She wrote, “Unfortunately with all the negativity people choose to send on twitter as well as threats to there (sic) own well being. I’m sad to say twitter is… no longer for me. I have enjoyed all the kindness and love that came my way, as well as support. But this break is needed.
“Life should be filled with positivity and holding each other up, not making threats and sending bad vibes. To those of you who made it a joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
More and more celebrities are quitting the service, as it has become more popular over the years, it has also become more popular to just say hateful and hurtful messages on Twitter. Late-Night hosts and news sites often post these comments, adding more of a reason to be hurtful then helpful.

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