Twitter shuts down auto-following and mass following APIs

Twitter is restricting the ways that accounts follow each other, mostly in an effort to stop illegitimate accounts from spamming or acquiring mass followers.
This is just a few of the series of new changes that Twitter has planned over the next few weeks. The company is currently expanding its advertising and marketing venues and cutting down on spam and cloned accounts.
This new update is aimed at third-party developers. With the new update third-party apps or accounts will no longer be able to force users into automatically following the developer’s account through the application. These programs will also no longer be able to mass-follow other accounts. This will help regular users use programs and applications without having to follow anyone, and should cut down on the creation, deployment, and recruiting of other bot-accounts.
Other restrictions for Twitter developers are being lifted however, these include apps that are written in other languages that read right-to-left and would have liked the avatar to be on the right instead of the left because of the difference. Timestamps are now more easily used in developer’s coding as well. You can expect more changes to come over the next few weeks.
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