One of the largest titles to be shown at E3 2013 this year was Bungie’s ‘Destiny’, and they demonstrated a lot of gameplay on the stage. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the whole thing or if you would like to watch it again, you can, thanks to the developers.
Bungie released the full E3 gameplay demo earlier today (Wednesday) and it contains 12 minutes of FPS goodness and epic scifi adventuring. The event took place during the Sony 2013 keynote, and you can see some of the settings, skins, combat, enemies and locals that will be taking place when the game launches.
Destiny has announced the game but stopped short of confirming a release date at this time. It will be available for PS4 and the Xbox One and is already one of the most pre-ordered game on Amazon’s charts. You can add yourself to that growing list of pre-orders by checking out the official product page below.
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