Mobile users have been using emoticons on Facebook for awhile now, they have become so popular that Facebook has decided to implement large, Facebook-stickers for the web-version of the social-media powerhouse.
Facebook-Stickers-InsertThe new ability to add stickers started rolling out late Tuesday night. You can start using them now, and they are used while you are chatting with a friend on Facebook (web version only for now) just by choosing a sticker and hitting send. As you can see on the right, Despicable Me minions are one of the first ‘character’ options that users can start using in their messages.
More sticker choices are sure to start coming in by the truck-full, mostly from advertisers that can now market their characters using the device. The stickers are free (for now) but like we said it is a powerful advertising tool. If the sticker-craze catches on you can expect ‘premium’ stickers to start hitting the web sometime by the end of this summer.