It is essentially the goal of everyone that buys a streaming media-box like the Apple TV, to get all available content in one-location on all of their devices throughout their home. Although the technology has existed, getting everyone that owns the rights to the digital media has proven to be harder than first expected.
Now Time Warner Cable is “nearing” a deal with Apple that would provide access to cable TV through the Apple TV set-top box, much the same way that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the Apple competitor Roku already does. It is being reported that Apple has hired Pete Distad, who was Hulu’s senior VP of marketing and distribution, to lead talks with television providers and cable companies in order to get more television content directly on their service.
Time Warner Cable just last week announced a deal with Microsoft that will add 300 live TV channels on the Xbox 360 videogame console. There is also the TWC TV service on Apple iPhone and iPad (as well as select Android devices, PCs, Macs and Roku set-tops) but it has not come to Apple TV yet.