New York City is currently overhauling its image to be better acquainted with technology and start-ups, that’s why New York City-based business and the five boroughs, will soon be able to secure their own domain ending in .nyc.
Mayor Bloomberg is a driving force behind the overhaul, appearing in commercials for businesses in NY and making the announcement on his official Twitter account. A new website has been posted with all of the important details. The new top-level domain is set to go live in “late 2013,” making our city the first to have a custom URL.

According to the official page, “New York City businesses and organizations with a NYC address, individuals with a primary residence in NYC, as well as those offering products or services to New Yorkers can register.” Now almost any business can say they offer services to NY residents, so that’s a tad confusing.
The website does say that it is granting priority to locals stating that they can “secure their intellectual propert,” though clarification will be needed in the future.
more info: nyc