The fourth of July is a social event, everything about it screams crowds, good-food and friends. If you find yourself amongst others this weekend, or are hosting a get-together, you can now make that Xbox 360 of yours a social-media DJ Hub. No wires needed.
Nokia Music and Internet Explorer are teaming up this holiday to help you celebrate the 4th the way it was ment to be celebrated, fireworks or partys all enjoyed to great music. Internet Explorer and Nokia Music are delivering ‘Mix Party’ totally for free. It’s a companion web experience, where multiple people at your party can sync their smartphone to the party playlist and vote on the tracks they want to hear next.
Yes it’s fun, free and social but how does it work?

  • Step 1. You need an Xbox. Turn it on, fire up Internet Explorer, and type in this web address below.
  • Step 2. Pick three artists and start your party playlist.
  • Step 3. Anyone at your party with a smartphone can scan the QR code and sync with the playlist. Vote on the artist you want to hear next and the track with the most votes wins. That’s it!

It doesn’t matter if your guests are using a Windows Phone, iPhone, or Android phone, all you need is a modern web browser on your device and you can connect to a Mix Party playlist. Oh and the Xbox, you’ll need that as well.
more info and access: