Dexter season 8 premier beats records, best season premiere to date

It may be ending this season but Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ looks like it’s going out with a bang. For the eighth season running the show has beaten its previous record.
Dexter continues to please audiences and attract new viewers as the Showtime series enters into its final season. This series is rather unique, yes it is the final season, but it is also the first time that the show is kicking off in the summer. A move that seems to have paid-off for the series.

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Season eight premiered with 2.5 million viewers, it beat Season 7 by just 4% but it still counts. If you add the initial broadcast and the encore, Dexter had 3.2 million viewers for opening night. This season does seem to have a not-so-secret weapon, Dexter’s new lead-in show is ‘Ray Donovan’, which just so happens to be Showtime’s most-watched original series premiere. That series kicked off with 1.4 million viewers for the original broadcast at 10pm and another 2.2 million for the encore.

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