The biopic miniseries on James Bond creator Ian Fleming now has a trailer

Fans of the legendary film-series, and written works of Ian Fleming, can look forward to a four-part miniseries set to premier in 2014.
The miniseries will outline the life of the creator of the franchise, Ian Fleming. The lead-role has gone to Dominic Cooper (shown on the right), who play Ian Fleming in the series. The project was created through a partnership with Sky Atlantic and BBC America.
The story will cover Fleming’s first Bond novel Casino Royale (1953) and will expose Fleming’s less-than admirable days as a failed stockbroker and as an officer in the army. BBC America states that Fleming “famously indulged in sex and liquor. However, he found his path in naval intelligence, staging counter intelligence missions against the Nazis that would later inform his 007 series.” The company goes on to state that “Fleming is set against a backdrop of war-torn London in an era of champagne, martinis, and sexual hedonism”. Which accurately describes almost every Bond film ever made.
The series is directed by Mat Whitecross (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, The Road to Guantanamo) and written by with John Brownlow and Don MacPherson. It will be distributed by BBC Worldwide.

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