More evidence of Apple’s unannounced iWatch popped up last night, a trademark filed from Apple in Japan is the latest in a long-list of clues pointing to the new device.
The trademark that was filed was for an application that would run on an “iWatch,” which is expected to be Apple’s next major reveal. The reports stem from Bloomberg, pointing to a June 3rd filing at the Japan Patent Office. Wearable tech is the latest trend in the industry, with Google Glass becoming more and more popular and electronic manufacturers like Sony already releasing their own smartwatches.
Two unnamed Bloomberg sources are claiming that Apple has already put together a team of roughly 100 product designers to finish designing the gadget. If all of the reports are true, the smartwatch will synch with a users iPhone or iPad, allowing notifications and other applications to become accessible even when the phone is in your pocket, or bag.
No official statement has been released from Apple, and it is unlikely that one will be released until the tech-giant is ready to unveil the smartwatch.