I take my gadget covers very seriously, and there is nothing I disapprove of more than wrapping a $1,300 Macbook Pro in a plastic-coated mess. Apple products are known for their simplistic designs and simple, often times monochromatic, color-options. Yet the first thing I see people do is dress them up in bubblegum prints and dime-store stickers.
I understand if you want to be unique, or if you like to personalize your gadgets to better reflect your personality. Mujjo offers that as well, assuming your personality traits reflect one of style, design and simple elegance. There are simply too many times that my gadgets follow me into important meetings and first-time introductions for me to have my devices wrapped in anything but a professional, yet well crafted, cover.
Mujjo-InsertMujjo offers a series of covers for any iOS device that has been made over the last few years, matching leather textures with 100% wool material to offer a simple, yet wonderfully crafted set of custom-fitted covers for each model. The company has also started developing Galaxy S covers and accessories.
The brandname Mujjo, is rather well known in major metropolitan cities here in the United States, as well as other parts of Europe, but it may seem new to other locals. The fact that the company’s award-winning designs are still a bit of mystery to other areas is an appeal to most people, those that want a more stylish covering for their devices but don’t want to settle for other commonly-used brands or outlandish logos. The covers are crafted by hand, and custom made to fit each device exactly. I’ve used the iPad 2 cover and the 13″ Macbook Pro cover for the last few weeks, after hearing about the brand from a colleague of mine. They definitely make a gorgeous statement, and almost every new business or brand meeting I’ve attending invoked multiple questions on the company and where they are available.
Over the past few months more companies have switched to functionality over designs, offering keyboards, speakers, stylus holders or stands with their covers. This is a viable choice, but often times not as practical as they seem. I thought I would love the idea of having a keyboard on my iPad, and maybe if I was still in college it would have been a perfect fit, but now I have my laptop close at hand for such matters, and the extra bulk of the the keyboard was more of a hassel than a convenience.
The Macbook Pro cover that I’ve been using (White Leather with Wool Felt) has a simple one-button clasp that is just as secure as any fastener I’ve seen offered, though infinitely more accessible and more appealing than other choices. Inside the cover are two sleeves, one larger section for your laptop and another that can easily hold folders and documents. This is a fantastic option since paper still follows me wherever I go. Since the Macbook Pro (and even the Macbook Air models) are larger than the standard 11.5″ legal notes that we carry around, the cover is the perfect fit. The 11″ Macbook Air would obviously be a smaller fit for such a function.
Even better is how understated these covers are, the simple phrase ‘the originals’ is embossed into the leather in small print on the front. There isn’t even a logo, or the mention of Mujjo on the case, it’s just wonderfully stylish and incredibly simple. Now although I love stylish designs, I’m also practical. I’m not going to rave about the custom leather-fittings of products that are inaccessible to our readers. If products are priced beyond the average market then their benefits and style are meaningless to talk about. So when you read the phrases, hand-crafted leather, exact-fitting and European design I know you may think of price. That’s truly the most amazing facet of the product, the products are less than $90, with the price of the 13″ Macbook Pro cover that I have been using, coming out to $78 total. You can find gloves (shown in the video below) for less than $40, phone-covers that are also wallets or plain sleeves for $40 and iPad cases for around $60. I consider this to be an incredible bargain, and one that would make a fantastic gift for anyone that is more incline to style, or would require a more professional look when carrying their devices to and from meetings.
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In the ever growing world of device coverings there will also be two-camps, style and additional gadgets like keyboards and stands to offer functionality. There are some that tread-the-line very well but few ‘fashionable’ covers offer the same craftsmanship and simplicity of Mujjo’s designs, and even fewer can match the price for such quality.
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