Female Cirque Du Soleil performer dies after falling 50 feet during performance in Las Vegas

A tragic turn of events has cost the life of a female Cirque Du Soleil performer, confirmed earlier this afternoon. During a show in Las Vegas, a female performer at the MGM Grand’s KA fell 50 feet to her death.
Today was also the celebration of the company opening it’s 8th Vegas Show (Michael Jackson ONE). Different sources have identified the woman, though the official Clark County Coroner’s Office has not released its official statement that identifies the person at this time. Since family members have not been notified at this time (of the report) we will not be posting the name of the performer. The incident was first reported by the LV Sun.
In 30-years, the group behind Cirque Du Soleil has not had a fatality during its performance. Reports of the incident are also mixed, with some audiences members stating that the performer was attached to a wire, which may have “snapped”, while others couldn’t recall a wire being place. We will update this article when an official confirmation of the events have been released. Following the incident, the show has been canceled for now.
An update since this article was published:
The performer has been confirmed as Sarah “Sassoon” Guyard-Guillot (31) pronounced dead at 11:43 p.m. at University Medical Center. The exact cause of death has not been announced but the event was in the MGM Grand showroom during Ka’s closing “Final Battle” scene.
According to reports, Guyard-Guillot slipped out of her safety wire and fell at least 50 feet into an open pit, out of the audience’s sight.

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